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  • 837 days ago 847 0 Infinity
  • Supremacy
  • 300 points
  • 3 turns

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Haqqislamite forces shut down a suspected Black Hand operation, the Nomad Nation denies involvement.

Haqqislam VS Nomads

Haqqislam VS Nomads

Haqqislamite forces shut down a suspected Black Hand operation, the Nomad Nation denies involvement.


Simple pick up game, and our first run of the new N3 mission Supremacy. I decided to bring a vanilla Nomad list with a Black Hand theme. My opponent brought an ordinary Haqqislam list

Deployment & Terrain

Our usual table is currently unavailable for a week or two, in it's place is an odd combination of jungle, army vehicles, Moto.Tronica and papercraft crates.

This isn't my favorite type of terrain layout but it works. No table-dominating buildings, just a lot of small pieces with variable distance between them. There ended up only being a few long firing lanes despite the terrain's open appearance.

Turn 1 (Haqqislam)

Tarik advances , cautiously surveying the area as Al' Djabel begins his attack. He disposes of the Vertigo with a well aimed burst, drawing the attention of a nearby Grenzer. Caught off guard, the Grenzer is perforated with another tight burst from Al' Djabel. His quarry down, Al' Djabel retreats to the shadows.

The Azra 'il marches forward towards a nearby tree. Sensing an opportunity to catch his target in the open, a lurking Intruder opens fire, round deflecting from the Azra 'il's heavy armor. A nearby Hunzakut siezes the moment and fires a short burst that tears through his adversary, leaving him slumped over the tower.

Turn 1 (Nomads)

A Prowler springs into action. Hearing a noise around the corner, he scans the area it came from and identifies an Al' Hawwa hacker behind a truck. With a gesture, another Prowler rushes forward, firing a burst with his Spitfire at the opening under the truck, shredding the Al' Hawwa's lower half. A large pool of blood followed.

The Intruder decides it's time to strike. A coordinated effort, he and his Prowler operatives rush forward in an attempt to gain ground on the enemy. Catching a glimpse of movement, the Azra'il takes a closer look and discovers an Intruder, only seconds too late to fire. The moment fading, the Intruder moves into position and camouflages himself, the Prowlers hiding against a truck fifteen meters to his left.

Turn 2 (Haqqislam)

The Hunzakut moves ahead, connecting his code cracker to the console. ERROR. He frantically tries again. ERROR. Almost panicking, the Hunzakut tries one last time. A digitized voice replies, "Access Granted." A smirk on his face, the Hunzakut returns to his position and hides against the power hub.

Moving foward, Tarik continues to assess the field of battle, waiting for the right moment. The Khawarij looks over to the Azra'il and points towards the truck. The Azra'il nods and raises his Feuerbach in agreement. Together they aim their weapons, the Khawarij calling out as he spots an enemy Prowler. In unison they unleash a torrent of gunfire, their rounds find their mark and leave the Prowler in a pool of his own blood. 

Turn 2 (Nomads)

A shimmering , transparent figure emerges from a hiding place beneath a tree. Dashing forward, it slides toward a nearby truck, gaining line of fire to the Azra'il. The Spektr takes aim and fires, puncturing the Azra'il's armor and causing him to fall. The Khawarij responds by opening fire, one round finding the Spektr, leaving her unconscious below the truck.

The Prowler shoulders his Spitfire, unleashing a hail of bullets at the Khawarij. His rounds hit their target, knocking the Khawarij onto the ground with a dull thud. Satisfied with his vengeance, he reloads his weapon and camouflages himself.

Sensing inevitable defeat, the Intruder activates his comlog and orders the Zero to stay close to the HVT. He responds in the affirmative, quietly making his way across the roof . Leaning against a truck, the Intruder awaits further orders.

Turn 3 (Haqqislam)

Servos whirring with movement, a Nasmat speeds over to the wounded Azra'il injecting him with an advanced medical compound. The drugs are effective and cause the Azra'il to regain consciousness. The Nasmat continues to the wounded Khawarij, administering the same treatment. 

Realizing their second chance, the Azra'il and Khawarij act together and spring forward to cover. They quickly locate the Prowler that had fired upon them. Their concentrated fire rends the side of the truck, a cloud of shrapnel erupting around the Prowler. Miraculously he is unharmed, a thought he cherishes briefly before tightly hugging his cover.

Hiding behind the console, the Hunzakut lies in wait, ready to fire on the next target.

Turn 3 (Nomads)

A nearby Spektr takes note of Tarik and readies his targeter. A red circle on his target blinks before turning solid green, signalling a lock (Classified: Telemetry). A Djanbazan sees the Spektr and takes a shot, narrowly missing his enemy. 

Cut off from the rest of her forces, an Interventor crawls forward determined to complete the mission. She selects her Cybermask program and sets her plan in motion. The Interventor climbs down from the roof and runs towards the nearby console. The Hunzakut sees an unfamiliar and unfriendly face, quickly placing a mine to his left as he levels his shotgun. The Djanbazan recognizes the Inverventor and takes aim. Her code cracker connected and working, she smiles and accepts her fate. As her mangled body flew backwards, the Interventor heard a familiar voice before everything went dark. "Access Granted."

Man of the Match

She does nothing the entire game, until the very end. Using close to the entire remaining order pool, the Interventor activates Cybermask and guns for the nearest console, despite threatening multiple AROs along the way. With the final order of the game, she activates the console and scores an Objective Point, getting brutally murdered in the process. If that's not heroism, I don't know what is!

Nomad Table Edge
BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

While my chosen table side contained better cover, all of the consoles ended up facing the Haqqislam side of the table. This meant my opponent's troops could activate the consoles in total cover, while my troops would have to be in the open.


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Final Summary




This was a hard fought battle on both sides. Losing the Grenzer, Intruder and Vertigo so early was a setback that echoed throughout the game, a testament to the power of an Impersonator troop. I used three Command Tokens in a single turn to mitigate the loss of those orders which helped secure a quadrant for an Objective Point during the first turn. The Interventor's heroic action was a desperate measure, one that I didn't expect to pay off. That's Infinity... no matter how dire things might seem, there's always a chance.

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Al Hawwa Hacker

Hunzakut Observer

Tuareg Doctor Plus

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