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  • 812 days ago 470 0 Infinity
  • Nimbus Zone
  • 200 points

Army Detail

(Team A)
(Team B)

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After their defeat the forces of Haqqislam have begun to retreat from their incursion on planet Dawn. They got intel that there was some usable data on some consoles nearby their location. 200 Points of Haqqislam vs. Ariadna in Nimbus Zone.

Haqqislam VS Ariadna

200 Point Nimbus Zone

After their defeat the forces of Haqqislam have begun to retreat from their incursion on planet Dawn. They got intel that there was some usable data on some consoles nearby their location. 200 Points of Haqqislam vs. Ariadna in Nimbus Zone.


While attempting to retreat the forces of Haqqislam were notified of some valuable data on some nearby consoles. While moving in to retrieve the data they inadvertently triggered the defenses and a Nimbus zone was activated. Now they must retrieve the data and escape before the Ariadnans can secure the data themselves. -

Turn 1 (Haqqislam)

On turn 1 Ariadna uses a command token to make Haqqislam loose 2 orders. With their first Haqqislam activates their fiday who moves twice to avoid an ARO from the volunteer behind him. He then uses a second order to fire 2 boarding shotgun rounds into a dozer and using the blast also hits a veteran kazak. Both survive the hits and fail their motivation checks moving into better cover. With the veteran kazak now occupied the Haqqislam Lt. orders her kaplan spitfire to move up and take a firing position on top of a building in the center of the board. The second kaplan moves up deactivating 1 of the nimbus towers. Lastly a gulam Dr. moves up and attempts to deactivate the other tower closest to the Haqqislam army. Sadly he fails.

Turn 1 (Ariadna)

With the fiday standing in the open the veteran kazak attempts to burn him with extreme prejudice. The fiday succesfully dodges. The Ariadna Lt. decides enough of this foolishness and orders a combined attack using a command token. The dozer and kazak both fire at the fiday who fires back 1 shot at each with his boarding shotgun. Only the kazak hits but it was all it took and with his T2 rifle the fiday crumples to the ground dead. Now the kazak moves himself into a position to cover the center console. The lasiq sniper and KTS spitfire both take shots at him but with the nimbus zone still active no one hits anything. The chausser moves up and deactivates a tower. Then the S.A.S. moves up but waits to deactivate his tower until the next Ariadna turn.

Turn 2 (Haqqislam)

With Haqqislam's next turn they attempt to kill the veteran kazak. Both sides fail to hit each other. They move a naffatun up to cover the left flank and the Gulam Dr. deactivates his tower. The KTS engineer moves into position to try and download the data on his next turn.

Turn 2 (Ariadna)

The S.A.S. switches off the nimbus zone and surprise! A spetznaz sniper opens up with a surprise shot. He hits the lasiq sniper who passes her armor save. With his second shot the KTS spitfire and lasiq both shoot him and he saves both his armor save and his BTS save. He then fires again killing the lasiq. The spitfire misses. He uses another shot and kills the KTS spitfire. (I forgot he has shock ammo as part of his marksmen L2 so both the lasiq and KTS got unconcious markers instead of dead.)

Turn 3 (Haqqislam)

With this being their last chance Haqqislam goes for broke. A TO hidden tuareg reveals and moves towards the consoles. The S.A.S. fires at him hitting him but he makes his armor save. He then fires back knocking the S.A.S. unconscious. The gulam Dr. is closer to the console so he makes a break for it. He downloads the data but is shot down by the spetznaz. With only 1 order left the KTS engineer makes a break for the closest console and successfully downloads the data before he too is shot down by the spetznaz.

Turn 3 (Ariadna)

With the enemy out of position for any ARO's, Ariadna freely runs up to hack the consoles. The chausser moves to the closest and takes 2 orders to hack it. He then moves to the second closest. He now has all of his remaining orders to hack it. HE FAILS 5 TIMES IN A ROW! Ariadna runs out of orders and loses the game. 3 vs. 4 

Spetznaz sniper
Man of the Match

Even though they lost the spetznaz sniper killed every enemy that was lost. He survived multiple hits and fired back calmly removing all threats.

BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

Failing 7 total WIP rolls during the game cost Ariadna. Ultimately his failure meant the army lost.


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Final Summary

Haqqislam took a big risk on their last turn and it paid off. They scored all the points they could in their final turn hoping that Ariadna would fail to score. In the end that's exactly what happened. Ariadna failed 5 WIP rolls in a row and lost the game. They were in a much stronger position going into the final turn but still managed to lose.

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