Haqqislam VS Ariadna
200 Point Nimbus Zone

After their defeat the forces of Haqqislam have begun to retreat from their incursion on planet Dawn. They got intel that there was some usable data on some consoles nearby their location. 200 Points of Haqqislam vs. Ariadna in Nimbus Zone.


While attempting to retreat the forces of Haqqislam were notified of some valuable data on some nearby consoles. While moving in to retrieve the data they inadvertently triggered the defenses and a Nimbus zone was activated. Now they must retrieve the data and escape before the Ariadnans can secure the data themselves. -

Spetznaz sniper
Man of the Match

Even though they lost the spetznaz sniper killed every enemy that was lost. He survived multiple hits and fired back calmly removing all threats.

BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

Failing 7 total WIP rolls during the game cost Ariadna. Ultimately his failure meant the army lost.

Final Summary

Haqqislam took a big risk on their last turn and it paid off. They scored all the points they could in their final turn hoping that Ariadna would fail to score. In the end that's exactly what happened. Ariadna failed 5 WIP rolls in a row and lost the game. They were in a much stronger position going into the final turn but still managed to lose.

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