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  • 818 days ago 594 0 Infinity
  • Supremacy
  • 200 points

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200 points Haqqislam vs. Ariadna.

Ariadna VS Haqqislam

February bat rep contest.

200 points Haqqislam vs. Ariadna.


A small Haqqislam insurgency has been detected on Dawn near 1 of Ariadna's medical facilities. Whoever controls this area controls the only medical facility in the region.

Deployment & Terrain

Ariadna's wins the initiative roll and chose to have the first turn. Haqqislam made them deploy first. Holding a Fiday in reserve allowed him to be placed directly between a wardriver and 112. Ariadna place a US grunt sniper in an elevated position over watching the army.

Turn 1 (Ariadna)

Ariadna takes out the Haqqislam Lasiq with their first order. They now can move across the board without trouble. A dozer makes a successful discover on the fiday dropping him to impersonation 2. With a second discover the Fiday ARO's with a boarding shotgun shot back. It was a 16 vs 15. The dozer rolled a 3 and the fiday a 2. The fiday now exposed was destroyed with 2 light shotgun hits from behind but not until after he rendered the wardriver unconscious. Emergency 112 with the kill. The 112 then moves over a heals the wardriver to end the turn. Having 3 infiltrated troops allow Ariadna to score 2 early points.

Turn 1 (Haqqislam)

Things go from bad to worse for Haqqislam. Their doctor's nasmat remote was hit trying to move to the Lasiq. Then they lost their odalisque as she desperately tried to stop the carnage. In a last desperate measure the ragik dropped in but did nothing. No points scored for Haqqislam.

Turn 2 (Ariadna)

Seeing the new Ragik as the only threat left Ariadna moved their Grunt sniper into a position to eliminate him. After a brief firefight the ragik was felled by a sniper round between his eyes. With nothing stopping them Ariadna's specialists moved up and hacked a couple of consoles. With some other movement they ended the turn in control of all 4 quadrants. Hacking plus control giving them 4 more points.

Turn 2 (Haqqislam)

With his unit in shambles the Lt. moved out and soon had killed the wardriver. He then took aim and dropped a chausser. He moved forward and ended his turn getting into position to take on a SAS next turn. Still however scoring NO points.

Turn 3 (Ariadna)

Still feeling confident the Ariadna SAS took out the enemy Lt. They then ended their turn scoring 2 more points.

Turn 3 (Haqqislam)

With only 2 troops left the Haqqislam player conceded. An embarrassing loss for the proud armies of Haqqislam.

Grunt sniper
Man of the Match

After eliminating his only real threat the sniper provided perfect covering fire for the entire game. Using an unpainted Scott's guard as a stand in.

BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

After getting noticed by a nobody dozer he failed to kill the Dr. This allowed the casualty he caused to get up and continue fighting.


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Final Summary

Haqqislam never could catch up after loosing their sniper. There never was a moment when they could bring overwhelming force. We look forward to another battle with a revised Haqqislam list.

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