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Caledonian Highlander Army

200 Points - Infinity Battle Report

Mission: The Armory (N3)

By MGWright

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We played a 200 point Armory game of CHA vs USAriadna. It was a true nail biter!

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This was part of a series of test games to try out the idea of a objective room on a raised platform. These games have been a ton of fun. There is definitely a different mindset to getting into the objective room when you can only access it certain ways.

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Deployment - Ariadna

Will deployed his USAriadna after choosing first turn. He placed his link team on 1 side of the table and his Devil Dog team on the other. 2 specialists were in the middle ready to run up to the armory.

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Deployment - Caledonian Highlander Army

The CHA army deployed second and seeing where his Grunts were placed I placed my Scott's away from them. Leaving the Grunts no real targets.

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Turn 1 (Ariadna)

On the top of turn 1 Will began rampaging his Devil Dog team up. He made it up onto the landing near the armory and began using smoke to move up his Specialists. He was able to get into the armory on turn 1. He moved in a 112, a dozer, and a FO foxtrot. He also accessed the first panoply.

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Turn 1 (Caledonian Highlander Army)

On my first turn I attempted to move my Highlander up to throw smoke. He however failed at grenade throwing school and missed. He then attempted again this time landing smoke where it was needed. I then moved my SAS up into the smoke. My highlander moved again this time being cut down by the Marine Devil Dog and his boarding shotgun. This shot also took out Isobel McGregor. I then moved Uxia McNeal (who failed her infiltration roll) up to attempt to secure my right flank. My second SAS also moved up on this side. They took out a second foxtrot who was attempting to FO the HVT. This forced Will to start to move his grunt team next turn. I failed to get anyone into the armory and had an SAS go down unconscious in the process. My right flank was looking pretty bleak. At the end of the turn I had lost 1 highlander, 1 SAS, and Isobel McGregor. At the end of turn 2 Will had control of the armory for 1 point.

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Turn 2 (Ariadna)

Will now confident in his ability to kill me with impunity jumped his Devil Dog off the platform and charged my remaining specialists. This turned out to be a mistake as he was cut down by multiple ARO shots. He began to move his Grunt team up to attempt and heal the downed FO foxtrot and secure the right side. He succeeded in killing his own foxtrot.(thanks for the assist buddy) The team continued moving up the right however and lost a grunt sniper to a lucky shot from Uxia's boarding shotgun.(it was at long range for her) They then continued to move up this time taking a critical hit from a D.E.P. at long range from the Scott's Guards. With 2 down out of the link the remaining 3 stayed on the platform. Meanwhile Will maneuvered his foxtrot, Dozer, and 112 into better covering positions in the armory. 

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Turn 2 (Caledonian Highlander Army)

I used my volunteer paramedic to heal the unconscious SAS. I then moved Uxia around and into position to blast the remaining 3 Grunts with a boarding shotgun. Unfortunately her luck and run out and she was gunned down, not hitting any in the process. I then re-cammo'd my SAS and began moving him up to the armory. I also moved up my Dozer and paramedic volunteer but they were both cut down by ARO shots. Realizing I would need more points than that to secure it, I began moving my Scott's guard link up.(VERY SLOW PROCESS) I was able to move my SAS camo marker into the armory and put him into cover. Will ARO'd with his foxtrot to lay a mine. My SAS was now stuck and couldn't move without a mine going BOOM! Will scored another point for holding the armory with his Foxtrot, 112, and dozer having way more points that my single SAS.

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Turn 3 (Ariadna)

Will's last turn was spent moving his foxtrot around and placing a second mine to really trap my SAS. He then moved his dozer out onto the platform within command distance of my HVT so he could secure it. He moved his Grunts up more to have an ARO at the SAS if he moved. Unfortunately things were VERY intense at this point and I forgot to get some pictures of this point of the turn.

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Turn 3 (Caledonian Highlander Army)

This was it... make it or break it for CHA. I saw that Will had left his troops in the armory standing close to each other. I moved my Scott's link up and positioned my missile launcher into place to take a long shot. Will dodged and I rolled a CRIT! BOOM pink mist errupted in the armory. I killed his 112 with a missle to the head and the resulting explosion took out the foxtrot and 1 of the mines. My SAS was left standing in the room by himself. He still was covered by a mine and therefore couldn't make for the panoply without risking death. I then realized that if Will scored the HVT at the end of this turn he would score 5 points and win the game. I used all my remaining orders to move my Scott's guard with marksmen rifle up to get a shot at his dozer. With my Lt. order my very last order the Scott's guard Lt. took the shot. Miss and I loose, hit and Will looses. I HIT him 3 times! Will made 2 out of the 3 saves and the dozer went down. Costing Will the secret objective. It was time to tally up the score. I secured the armory for the end of the turn, 1 point. I secured it at the end of the game, 3points. This gave me 4 points. Will had secured the armory 2 turns, for 2 points. He had aquired more items from the panoplies than me for 2 points. Will ended with 4 points as well. The tie breaker came down to VP's. All Will had left at this point were 3 Grunts. I had all 3 Scott's guards and an SAS. I WON THE TIE BREAKER! Wow it was an incredible ending to a very hard fought match.

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The lone SAS left in the armory still covered by a mine. - Turn 3 (Caledonian Highlander Army) (Image 2 of 3)

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Using his Lt. order to take out the dozer from the other side of the armory and platform. - Turn 3 (Caledonian Highlander Army) (Image 3 of 3)

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Man of the Match - Scott's guard Missile Launcher

My Missile Launcher Scott's guard killed most of the people in the game. He also landed a VERY lucky crit to clear out the armory at the end of the game. Without that shot I couldn't have won.

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BFU - Highlander

My highlander butterfingers couldn't seem to throw smoke most of the game. He even was killed attempting to smoke dodge.

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Final Summary

The entire game looked to be comfortably in the hands of USAriadna. From turn 1 they were able to put CHA on it's back foot. I lost most of my specialists and had could not move without getting pummeled by ARO's. I kept at it though and in the end some VERY lucky breaks pulled a win from sure defeat! It was so even at the end it came down to the tie breaker. It just goes to show you in infinity the game isn't over until the very END!

The End - Where do you want to go now?

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